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the Service Royal

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[17 Sep 2004|08:41pm]


Lots of news in me and skye's neck of the woods. Trevor unceremoniously quit our band endeavour, for personal reasons I suppose, or maybe he just hated us. At least he quit in person, instead of iQuitting, so that's good at least. We wish him all the best in his education and employment opportunities.

In bigger and better news, instead of pursuing such trivial and meaningless exploits as looking for jobs or spending time with our friends and loved ones, Skye and I have spent the past week preparing and arranging three songs to play at the forthcoming open mic night at Victor's Coffee in Redmond. Here are the details:

(425)881 6451

Here's a picture of where it is about, it's a rather tough place to find if you aren't in the know.

That's a map. I hope everyone can make it, as it should be rather awesome. We are really excited to finally play for people, me and he be.

Lengths of Love,

p.s. we will be performing as THE PINEAPPLES.
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[03 Aug 2004|08:46pm]

[ mood | a nervous breakdown ]

Wednesday Itinerary:
Obstacle 3! Tentative name, obvs.

Things to know:
Structure is Break, Verse, Verse, Chorus, Chorus, Break, Verse, Chorus, Verse w/solo, End. I'll explain the solo thing later

you have a new bassline for the Break, and for the Verse. Forget the other ones, I guess...

The old verse riff is now only played during the break, and the old break riff is now played during the chorus. During the verse, you play those stacatto kinda chords that match trevors line, and then a snippet of the main riff at the end

Ok, now that's out of the way, I should say I've been kind of debating about whether or not I want to be in a band at all.

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what the world needs now... [19 Jun 2004|12:19am]

[ mood | aww ]

IS US!!!

eh eh eh. not really, but it'd help maybe.

this whole being-in-a-band thing is a very illuminating and interesting learning experience. on basically every front. your friends become your co-workers basically, and not every day at work is a good one. it's a bit like working on the cure for cancer, lots of frustration sometimes but other times, when you get a breakthrough, its one of the best feelings in the world. in now way am i comparing the writing of silly little songs to the search for the number 1 killer. at all!!

today, instead of working on the many complicated and confounding-to-us-players songs we have in the midst of completion, we started work on two parts of a song that i started writing last night.


it really is amazing how that works sometimes. for example, Tightrope walker has (appx.) 40 trillion parts, and some of my favorite ones have to be dropped to make the song flow better. Obstacle 3 (working title obviously) is impossible to play and right now in a state of absolute disarray, with a lot of parts and a very strange structure. Tenement House, good lord, what a fucking pandora's box i opened when i decided to redo that song. Savile Row is gone unless we find some brilliant way to make it good, and not so strokesy.

a lot of this will be fixed with hard work, as i do think they are good songs that should be heard. but, also, it is so nice to have this new song written and nearly finished within 24 hours. i think its a really good song, it's pretty boggling to look back at like Savile row for example which was one of our first songs and then look at this one, the progress is really great. We sound like our own band now, and that's so rad to me. personally i've come a long way as a songwriter, i listened to the first recordings i did a few days ago and it was pathetic, laughable. i promise anyone i cursed with hearing that, that we are sooo much better than that.

I am so excited! writing these songs and playing them for people, and making this band work in the public eye, is to me the most important thing in life. i am soo excited to show everybody what we've been working on as i am really proud of skye and trev and us as a band, and how far we've come and where we might be going. most bands suck for years but our first songs i am really proud of, and it's because of skye and trevor. you guys make me want to impress you with the songs and parts i write, really it's my hope that you guys have fun playing this stuff that makes it good.

We are all in this together, this band endeavor. and even in the worst case scenario, we're having tons of fun. in the best case scenario... wow. good job you guys, i love you both.

here's the progress on all our songs.

Tenement House: once it was done, now it's not, but its going to be a lot better. the melody is very twisty and its going to sound slightly frenchy. i dunno. That Thin Mercury Sound, as dylan would say. i'm excited to work this one out and figure it out with the guys.

Factory Life: Totally done! and it sounds really good. just needs some slight practicing. this is the most poppy i guess but it's still challenging, i guess like good vibrations was a "pop song" but c'mon, fuck that.

Camouflage: also done, and probably the most rock song we have. i like it a lot but it's really obvious how far we've come since then, just a few months ago. The guitarwork in the beginning, the interplay of the three parts, is probably the part i'm most proud of. and the japanese chorus.

Obstacle 3: All the parts are there, but it needs a ton of practice, and rearranging. Skye says that it sounds like the show MASH, which it does. 60's tv and movies, that distinctive musical sound, was a big influence on a lot of these songs. You will all be impressed by what skye does with this one.

Tightrope Walker: A kind of chill song, but easily the most complex. The instrumental breakdown at the end is really fun to play. We tweaked it slightly today and it might be better, but i dunno. the melody is fun to sing, and i think the complexity of the song will surprise people a lot. if we get it right.

Kowloon: this is one that i've mentioned a tiny bit before, but it's coming along. Its Factory Life's cousin, and i think it'll be a really good song when it's done, but we might be moving away from that kind of thing. The fingerpicking beginning is fun to play.

The Intercontinental: a very french cinematic sounding song, that's on piano. we'll see how work on this one goes, but i hope to get it done. it might be illogical for performing live, having a keyboard onstage for just one song.

Motion Control: aforementioned new song, and a working title. I am so excited about this. you should be too!

I got a new guitar yesterday and it just might be magic, we've never done a song that fast. It's a Fender Highway 1 Telecaster and i love it, sunburst is beautiful. 8 songs, almost... wow. We'll have 15 by thanksgiving, it's a pact.

I'm thinking that sometime soon (by the end of summerish) we are gonna set up a little show for friends, a kind of showcase for what we've been doing and a little practice playing live. is this a good idea? who knows.

oh yeah, we need a drummer. ok, well, it's been real, much love to everyone, thanks for reading this long and rambling nonsense.



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[12 Jun 2004|12:34pm]


based on name alone, should we record

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[01 Jun 2004|11:55pm]

[ mood | come on... ]

The Returners?

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[22 May 2004|12:43am]

i dont think i like this band name anymore...

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[09 May 2004|11:16pm]

[ mood | bewildered by the bath ]


lots of craziness in swayvice royal town.

(*)we are gonna be recording a demo soon, 3 or 4 songs that's how it goes, with one of two producer type people.
*AARON MANNINNNO!!! of little hand of the city and a good buddy to boot.
*PHIL EKKKKKKKK!!!! of like, every record we all like. and that voice at the end of the built to spill record saying "phil ek here, with a preview of the next built to spill record!" that guy. producer man.

(*)we may be playing a show pretty soon. deets lates.

(*)publicity firm, aja? really??? im down.

(*) hey skye! what's up!

if anyone wants to know, look at this.

<(' '<)



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